Our Story

Family to Family

Farm to dairy, dairy to Red Apple, Red Apple to your family.

With a rich history in both the dairy and food industry, Red Apple Cheese is a company built by families for families. We care about the quality of our cheeses because we know they will be used on your dinner table. Only the highest caliber of dairy products are served to our families, so we do the same for yours.

Storied History

We’ve passed down traditions that give our cheeses its quality.

Having roots in both Wisconsin’s dairyland and Waterbury, Connecticut, Red Apple Cheese brings fresh flavors and time-honored traditions together in each piece of cheese we make, from our family to your table.

Our cheeses are made with milk sourced from some of the oldest dairy farms in Chippewa County, Wisconsin. Generations of dairy farmers and cheesemakers have come together with a long line of traditional grocers and food craftsmen to create Red Apple’s fine cheeses.