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Red Apple Cheese

Horseradish Cheddar

Creamy with a zesty bite

Natural Natural
Made in Wisconsin Made in Wisconsin
rBST Free rBST Free Milk
Time Honored Traditions Time Honored Traditions
Certified Kosher Certified Kosher



Our Mission

Our mission is simple, make amazing cheese! We celebrate time-honored cheese-making traditions, and we don't take shortcuts. Whether you love classic varieties or bold flavors, we pride ourselves on delivering delicious, 100% natural Wisconsin cheeses to you and your family.

Check Out Our New Look

Our delicious, premium Wisconsin cheeses are 100% natural and made from rBST-free milk. We use time-honored techniques and some new ones we’ve created like cold smoking for hours with apples and hardwoods. No shortcuts allowed…ever. So, you can experience the best of the classic cheeses you love AND discover some new types and flavors.

We hope you like our new look!  Rest assured, all our cheeses are the same high quality and delicious taste.